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Dr.Satyendra Shukla is the founder of LAMA FERA INTERNATIONAL. India’s Biggest & first ISO certified Lamafera Healing Research & Training Centre.

He is also the founder of India’s Biggest & first LAMA FERA MONASTERY, Pune. Mission of this Monastery is spread Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in every Home.

He is the author of the books Journey from Signature to Autograph, The Miracles of Chakras and Life Simplified.

He is the Managing Director of Sumeru Infosystem, web based software company since 2006. For details, Visit

He has Adopted 50 HIV positive kids and Sponsers their education and medical needs as a part of Social Responsibility.

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Lama Fera is the world's fastest Healing Technique used by Buddhist Monks in ancient times. ‘Lama’ means Sadguru, an Enlightened Guru of either Religion and ‘‘Fera’’ means the technique of Healing. The system can help increase spiritual abilities, improve the effectiveness of meditation, relieve pain and discomfort caused by chronic diseases, remove unwanted spirits, cleanse buildings, overcome fear, anxiety, stress and mental tensions, improve memory and visualisation, and assist reconnection with the Higher Self.

Lama Fera is highly powerful Healing technique followed by the Buddhist and practiced by the Tibetan Lamas. The word Lama means Disciple of lord Buddha and the word Fera means round or more specifically around the body with the energy of lord Buddha. The Energy of lord Buddha is channeled through the Healer and directed towards disease or illness.

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Welcome to the India's biggest and first ISO certified Lama Fera Healing Centre : LAMA FERA MONASTERY. It is situated in historic city of Pune.

Our Vision : Suicide Free India.

Our Objective : To heal the people to come out of depression, stress, anxiety, stubbornness, suicidal thoughts, negative thinking and addiction thru Lama Fera Healing.

India's first and biggest Lama Fera Monastery @ Pune

Training : We provide training to other people to spread our vision - Lama Fera Training, Reiki Training, Kundalini yoga and Bodhidhyan Meditation.

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Choose from our Courses and Online Programs

Lama Fera Master Healer @Lama Fera Monastery

Course Fees : Rs. 18,100/-

  • Workshop Duration :
    01 Day (08:00 Am - 5:00 Pm)

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation @Lama Fera Monastery

Course Fees : Rs. 1500/-

  • Timing - 7:00 am to 08:30 am - Monday to Friday

Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy @Lama Fera Monastery

Course Fees : Rs. 12,000/-

  • Postal Course: 1 Year
    Government Certification

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What Are our Clients Saying About Us

Asmita Waghmare, Pune

Good morning Sir and all friends. I have completed one month with Lama fera family. I am happy to share that on today's day I have received attunement and Lama master training from Sir and Revati ma'am. At the end of workshop sir has given me the target of losing 5 kg in a month considering my over weight at that point of time and today I am glad to share that almost 5.5 kg weight loss I have achieved in 1 month with naturopathy diet and by following the golden rules provided by Sir. Initially I was 73.8 kg when I checked my weight on 9th of march and now (08/04/23) I am 68.8 kg. Also there was lot of under eye darkness was there, just because of following the given instructions I could see remarkable difference in lightning of dark circles too, my skin became healthy, healed and glowing. All this was possible only because of the focus which made me to strive to achieve my goal given by Sir. Strong determination towards the goal is very essential this is was what I have learnt from Sir🙏 My whole hearted credit goes to sir for making me capable. I have no words to elaborate the level of my happiness since I could see remarkable difference and achievements in small span of time in my professional as well personal life. From bottom of my heart I thank you Sir🙏for showing and shaping my path. I also thank to Revati ma'am for her support🙏 . I thank to my family all friends. Thank you My Lord Buddha, My divine for blessings me with lot of happiness, good health and wellness.

Harish Sharma, Mumbai

GM Everyone!!
I want to share small breakthroughs i am witnessing in my day to day life.

Since 1st March, i have been diligently doing the following:
1. Manifestation (after waking up and before sleeping).
2. Gratitude every morning.
3. Good morning messages to 5 new people every day.
4. Forgiving others (who i feel have wronged me in the past) and praying for their growth and peace.

Last one week - eating cooked food once a day, alongwith naturopathy diet.
I am glad to share with everyone that I am experiencing high energy throughout the day, energy after coming from work is also very high and i spend evening 30-60 minutes with my 2 high energy kids from 8-9 pm, there is a glow in my face every day, I feel very confident in dealing with professional life, personal life and all my past failure issues.
All this is possible only because of healing, blessings, guidance of Sir.
Each one of you have played a very important role for me as reading all your commitments, sharing of your successes and challenges is very motivating and very inspiring.
Thank you God, Thank you Sir, Thank you all wonderful people.

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