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Dr. Satyendra Shukla on NEWS18 LOKMAT
Dr. Satyendra Shukla on SAAM TV
Chakras :
The Source of Life
How does LAMA FERA HEALING work? (Part 2)
5 steps to become DEPRESSION FREE permanently
What is HEALING & Who is HEALER?
Prasant Kumar, GM (MNC company), Pune

Sharing my experience after the 1st attenuation of Kundalini Reiki..
After my 1st attenuation, the feeling was “calm, positive and light” and more importantly I was feeling confident and forward looking..
I could feel the energy band between my palms and it was an amazing experience..
I am giving healing to myself from last 4 days, and I am feeling that the roadblocks are being automatically removed..

*Biggest experience:*
One of the biggest experience is - The very next day of attenuation, I received a call from my CEO Office and asked to be in Mumbai for discussion of future plans of company and my roadmap/blueprint review..
I went to Mumbai.. I was expecting a group of management team to review my plan, but it happened to be a 1:1 interaction with CEO only..
The presentation went for 7 hours and for me a person at that level of CEO spending 7 hrs of focused time is a very big deal.. I shared this with other colleagues and they were surprised to hear for 7 hrs of dedicated meeting with CEO has never happened in 1:1 with anyone.
At the end of the presentation, CEO asked me to change my reporting directly to him.. and this is something I never expected.. being direct reports of the CEO of a global company .. he liked my strategy and plan and wished me all the best.
This is all because of the blessings of Dear Sir, Lord Buddha, Reiki Maa , Divine family members and the path of healing that is something I learnt for Sir.

Prapti Shah
Mr. Surendra Tanwar, Undri Pune
Prashant Kumar, Orissa
The 5 day yoga challenge experience

When I started going to Monastery in November-2021, I never thought of a day, where I can be writing my experience and share with everyone.
I never thought, that I can do Kundalini Yoga daily and include it in my lifestyle
I never thought I could meditate
But here I am doing all the routine which I always dreamt of. This is not the destination, but journey has certainly started. Thanks Sir for becoming my guide.
Now about these 5 days yoga exam. For me it was a “break the barrier” session. We have a small baby 8 months old. And Me & my Wife-Swati both decided to join this 5 day yoga challenge, realizing that it would be difficult, as one has to hold the kid so that other can do the Yoga. But with each other’s support we managed to do it. We divided our time and did it with full heart.. all exercises- 100 rounds, 50, pushups, Leg rotation, Kundalini Yoga, Pranayam, and Medidation- within the same time box. When we look back it looks impossible, but with Sir’s guidance and blessings I am happy to say that- no matter what is there in your way, you will find the way, to reach what you desire for..
After doing the yoga, we could sense the energy all day long…and most importantly we were very happy, satisfied and content. I could feel on 5th day, that my Aura has expanded.. People talk to me differently, they behave differently.. I felt I was in full control of the situation…
Then came the Naturopathy exam.. I am blessed to know so many things in just 5 days due to it… I have my plans earlier to do Naturopathy.. but now it has become firm.. Same for my wife.. We have decided to take the course and become a practitioner in future.
The last task was mind blowing for me.. Book Writing… Have I ever even thought of? Never.. When I saw the task.. I was thoughtless.. which topic, what Index, What would be title, Cover Page how can I design..and What should I write for “About the Author” !!! So many questions..
But when me and my wife sat down , we could complete it is 1 day..
Topic came automatically.. Index flowed.. About the Author was done in a flash (and I thought there is so much about me that I was never written about..)
And the Cover design.. I can sat that.. It was like Buddha came to me and given me the design… In such a busy schedule, I could design it in 10 mins.. It was magic for me..
With this, I strongly feel, that finally I am on my path towards the Lord, and I am confident, that with Sir’s blessings & guidance, I will achieve that goal of my life..
Thanks Lord Buddha, Thanks Sir, Thanks to my wife, and thanks to this Divine Pariwar..
Sorry for the long quote.. but this was also a flow I have penned down.

Client Testimonials : Yoga and Meditation

Pooja Hukeri, Banglore
Lama fera Healing testimonial

Experience and learning post practicing Lama fera.
Relationship issue has been improved and a lot of forgiveness and letting go energy has developed.
Physical stamina to do any kind of physical work has improved.
Anger issue has reduced , early reaction has changed to response and ease in me has developed.
Done 9 session of healing on my father-in-law he and we could really see miraclous change in his body and mental change , back pain was completely recovered, his whole apperance was changed.
Done 3 session of healing on my mother-in-law first change was her body and face was glowing after every healing session she could easily do her chores.
Done 3 session of healing to my sister , she experienced many changes , she could feel some emptiness in her body ,mind, she was happy light without reason , she was able to do her work with ease.
Anger comes but within fraction of second it vanishes , forgiveness has increased to myself and others , many times inner guidance can feel and acted based on that , a lot of cleaning is happening inside and outside .after learning lama fera healing could see the aura of mine others that white light around body easily.

Mr.Makrand, Banglore
Lama fera Healing testimonial
Client Testimonial - Meditation

Mr. Makrand
Lama Fera Master Healer

Thank you Lord Buddha, Sadguru Saibaba, Dr. Shukla sir, Revati Madam and all divine souls i this group inspiring us to involve in social activities.
With the grace of divine,We could do Sweets and Blankets distribution to needy people in our home city.
In the mid of this month, We were on temple tour with family. Naturally, We got a chance of distributing blankets, shawls, food to needy people but didn't take photo's. Then received Sir's message in group and again felt to do something more so did this activity in Hometown and here our other family members also contributed. Also talked about importance of healing, meditation to some interested people in journey and gave them website and other contact information of lama fera monastery.
We did Lama fera master healer course on 27 November 2021.
Experienced and Noted down below major changes in 31 days.
1) Confidence is much more higher than ever. I can do anything feeling is improved.
2) Divine intuition is improved drastically.
3) Life seems very easy and beautiful. Experiencing very positive thoughts and emotions.
4) Relations have become more friendly and found more opennesss.
5) It feels like there is always some higher force accompanying and supporting and that is making us feel fearless.
6) Spiritual progress is happening much faster. There is crystal clear clarity in spiritual concepts.
7) There was a technical issue had been pending for more than three weeks and nobody could resolve it. I just had joined that team and it came to my bucket, i tried for three days and was not getting any solution. On fourth day morning, I did lama fera healing and freshly started looking into it and to my surprise found suitable article which has solution, applied it and issue resolved. It was surprise for all.
8) Following all the practices suggested by Dr.Shukla sir except 6am meditation since we work late nights till 2am.
9) Mindfulness Meditation is happening like 24/7, mind is more aware,more alert.
10) Life is uplifted for sure.
Thank you once again Lord Buddha, Sadguru saibaba,Dr.Shukla sir, Revati madam and all divine souls

Client Testimonial - Lama Fera Master Healer

Client Testimonial - Lama Fera Healing

India's biggest Lama Fera Healing Centre, Pune
Lama Fera Monastery, Pune :
At a glance..
Client Testimonial of Victory over COVID through Lama Fera Healing

Client Testimonial of COVID recovery through Lama Fera Healing

Testimonial : Before Kundalini yoga session - Blood sugar : 420 ...21/1/21
Testimonial : After Kundalini yoga session - Blood sugar : 147 ...29/1/21
Session was conducted @ Lama Fera Monastery, Pune

Online Vastu Workshop : Testimonial

Kartiki - Pune

Rajesh Mishra - Mumbai

Dr. Priya Agarwal

Sarang Chaure

Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Lama Fera Guruji Dr. Satyendra Shukla ji.. for finding me worthy of acquiring this divine knowledge and making me a master healer.
Being a Lama Fera Master Healer is not something to be taken lightly... It all begins with the intention of 'giving something' to someone other than yourself... You need to have this feeling of giving something to the society, to the world, it's living beings, the nature...
Than comes the part, where you are introduced to a strong framework of ethics and daily routine changes that you need to inculcate within your life in order to become an able Lama Fera Master Healer...
Dr. Satyendra guruji is a man who leads by example, and he has a "no-non sense" approach in the way he goes about doing his things... he is straight to the point and yet very humble and hospitable wherever its required... For example, during lunch break he asked all the students to sit for meditation, while he himself brought all the homemade food and served it to each and every student present in the class along with himself.. and then he asked us to open our eyes.. and we had the honor of having lunch together..!!
Throughout our session, he put utmost emphasis on ethics, discipline and importance of giving to the society...!!
I will conclude this review by saying that, it was God's Plan and his Divine Blessings and of All My Gurus... that I had the utmost honor of doing my Lama Fera Master Healer Certification from this Holy Institute by the name of "Lama Fera International" under the guidance of our Guruji Dr. Satyendra Shuklaji..

Bhavesh Padsala - Oman
Lama Fera Healing on SAAM TV
Corona Virus Cure and Lama Fera Healing

Sinjith Rag

Kavita Takle


First of all Sir please accept my heartfelt Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
And Gratitude for giving privilege to read the book " Life Simplified "
1. It's big MAGIC in a pocket. All aspects of life are very nicely covered in the small book which is very easy to carry.
2. It's good reminder for all your teachings and guidance and placed in very simple way which is easy to understand.
3. Small, sweet and effective practical tips on health, wealth, relationship and spiritualism, vastu are like most of the people looking for.
4. Law of attraction and power of subconscious mind , Kundalini yog, meditation are covered nicely which is required for healthy mind and body.
5. Teaching of Lord Buddha is very simplified and precise with eight fold path.
"It's perfect for simple and correct living and high thinking"
Koti pranam and Many Thanks Sir for your constant guidance and support.

Sneha D.


Good evening Sir,
Sir I joined my new organization on 9th of September. My salary for the month of August was in hold in previous organization as I had opted for notice period buy out of 60 days and wanted early release. Since did not get August month salary, I was very worried about how I will manage my liabilities and expenses for the month of September and October. I would not get complete month salary for September and My F&F would take 45 days starting from 9th September. Sir, I did exactly as you had guided us Lamas in last revision session. I surrendered to DIVINE...was and is grateful for everything in my life... was positive throughout... Was visualising abundance of money even when I had nothing in my bank account. Sir, it was a miracle that happened.
You won't i.e. 30th of September I got my first salary from new organization as well as my F&F. Also, I have got the dates and venue finalised today, for 3 workshops I will be conducting on Diya painting and decoration. Sir, I don't believe what positivity and law of attraction can do in reality.
My dreams are coming to reality!
I am truly blessed and overwhelmed with what I have got in my life and truly grateful for everything.


Bhavesh Padsala


Testimonial of CANCER case of kid through Lama Fera healing :
"Thank you divine, Thank you sukla sir for this beautiful gifts of LAMA FERA HEALING to the society which turn impossible to possible.
Let me share my experience to all,
One of my friend's son age 4 Yrs. having wilms tumor ( cancer Tumor in kidney). A child is having this problem since 18 month, removed one kidney to come out from this problem but things was not stopped here and spread to another kidney after taking many chemo cycles, India's specialist doctor refuse to do surgery in india due to complications as tumor size was big 3x 2 cm and not respond to chemotherapy and refer to Germany which may cost of approx 40 Lac.
Child was under treatment of chemo at KMC hospital mangalore, Then I recommend parents to do Lama fera healing and case was discussed to Dr. sukla sir, we started Lama fera healing to child, once started healing after few days, child body respond to treatment and tumor get started shrink.
Dr. surprised and the parents take this case to TATA for further recommendation and finally it was decided to do surgery in SRCC Hospital bombay with support from TATA at the cost of 5 lac. surgery was successful and reports after surgery are normal.
This case shows LAMA FERA HEALING SCIENCE works beyond the medical science and turns impossible things to possible.
Thank you Lord buddha and Thank you Guriji Sukla sir for this wonderful miracle. Divine dwells in the form of Guru like sukla sir.
May god bless all divine child who are suffering from such killer disease and gives us strength to help such needy"

Ms. Sneha Deore


Sharing my experience with all Divine souls... It is 1 and a half year since my Lama Fera diksha and I have moved from 20k salary to 40k now. I have got a job offer where I had quoted my expectation as 30% hike and the organization has offered me 40%.
Sir's wish fulfilment healing, blessings and teaching to donate 10% of net income every month has brought this shift in my life.
Feeling really grateful towards Divine and Sir to have such a GURU in my life. The direction that Sir shows and the tasks that are given by Sir are for our own growth, self development and to resolve our life issues. Having experienced it myself, I can vouch for it.
Heartfelt gratitude to Divine and Sir for everything.

Shilpa Budukh


Sneha Deore

Mrs. Anjali Akolkar


Good morning Sir wanted to share my experience and want to thanx Sir from bottom of my heart and give gratitude to Sir and all divine family. Today I completed one year in Xrbia Developers in my office. When I met sir last year June 25th At that time and the time today is totally different. That time my concern was I am not regular in my office hardly two or 6 months in one office was enough. No one was liking me. Nor no one spoke to me. But the day I meet Sir gave me new life after my healing and said you will be there in this office for more than year with good support of team and positive approach.
Anything said by Sir is Grace to us given by Sai. Only we need to give our 100 percent. Still I am lacking somewhere but always I remember Sir saying that always stand for others. I have changed lot by grace of my guru Shukla Sir as now I am engaged in helping serving poor children's and poor to give them education one time bread butter and yes always charity. What else is needed when our inner heart has given us the way to smile after seeing poor children smiling after having food and books in there hand.I use to never think for other before meeting Sir I used to feel I am only suffering so much with my problems .But Sir gave new way to thing over life.
Sir always keep me blessed with your grace. Once again I thank you Sir for giving me each and everything in my life.

Mr. Sinjith Rag


Good evening sir and all divine friends, I want to share my experience with you all today, yesterday I have completed 90days continous practice of lama fera self healing & kundalini yoga, tremendous changes happened in my life, I had stomach problems before practicing lama fera, I could not feel appetite, When I ate anything feel burning sensation in stomach, doctors couldn't find anything, More than 10years I had these problems, Dr. Satyendra sukla changed my life,I strictly followed him, I want to express my gratitude with you sir, thank you so much sir.
Thank you Shukla sir from bottom of my heart..till end of life I would like to be with you".
Guruji completed 90 days challenge, as you said stomach problems solved fully thank you so much sir. Your theories are absolutely correct.

Mrs. Rekha Waghmare


"On the auspicious day of Akshay tritiya..I would like to announce of opening of my own yoga classes.i.e "Shravani Yoga Studio". All credit goes to Shukla sir, Thank you divine for such a grt guru n master came in my and our life.. I would like to share that from name of class to colour of pamphlet and even my website also is done by sir's guidance. I would like to share small story behind this..On 16 April 2019..I got a call from my Head office..due to no business in company..I can't work more in company and ask to give resignation.. I was so much in shock..bcoz I worked in this company from last 12 yrs..and suddenly I got call like this which is totally unexpected..
But after some time I remember my akashic reading done by Shukla sir which was done in Mar that he told that my own yoga and naturopathy class will b run with full fledged in Mar 2020..that time I thought how this will possible..bcoz in job ..I was so much in comfort zone.but divine has something good plan for me..and I would like to mention one my horoscope also mentioned that I must do job.
.but when you in spirituality and come with in contact to Guru ..he changed ur horoscope 360 degree...I have very good experience of this..
So now onwards my second phase of life will start ..and I would like to seek blessings from all of I will serve my society and nation ..
Thank you God for everything. Thank you my parents. Thank you divine. Thank you my ancestors Thank you my family and friends.
Thank you Shukla sir from bottom of my heart..till end of life I would like to be with you"

Ms. Anjali Ramesh


I want share a experience and what to tell the power of healing and sujok therapy.
Today morning at around 3 am I woke up with a severe pain on my left aide of the abdomen ..which gradually increased and I could not resist ...I was crying a lot and the pain was very bad ....I told amma to give me healing ..she immediately gave me healing at 3.45 and also did sujok therapy ...
Immediately after the healing 4.30 my pain was gone and I was sleeping a sound sleep ..
The experience of the healing and therapy was miracle for me .
I thank the divine,my amma , Shukla sir ,and my friends for blessing me .
Thank you lord Buddha that I am normal .

Bhavesh Padsala


Yes, all credit goes to our respected sir, 2017-18 was a life changing year for me and my family, my daughter Yashvi had a major health issue, which shocked us and disturbed our lives all the way, i was complaining to God, why it happen to my daughter, as consciously we did not wrong with anyone in this life, but we have to settle our Karma account. I experience the same as truly said, if we did good, all good comes to us, in this difficult situation God send messanger to show path. I got best doctors in my town and with the support of relatives, treatment was started.
Meantime,One of my wife's friend suggest to do Lama fera healing. I was unaware of healing subject, I thought of let us do it, some benefit definitely will get.
22nd Feb.2018 was a day I called sir and discussed case, sir clarify the reason of suffering and start healing.
I follow all instruction and as days go, I realised the power of healing n observe some miraculous results on my daughter. She was energetic n her body gives good response during treatment. All happen due to healing.. Thank you all LAMA'S credit goes to you all..
It's Almost 1 Year I am with this divine family, Today I look back my last year, my life is changing 360 degree, meditation become inherent habit which boost my body energy level. My life under transformation from ' unconscious incompetent' To 'concious competent'. I am doing my best in day to day routine to balance Mind,Body, emotion and spirit to move in a awaken situation... I realise through the Book reading task that Task given in this group are the 'CAPSULES' to come out of comfort zone and it shift our energy level and give boost to progress on spiritual journey. I Urge all to follow it religiously.
Now I do my best to monitor day to day work and become aware and try to control my Thoughts,action and enjoy the life, I feel, I took charge of my actions which shift from remote controlled routine. In real sense I started living and enjoying my life. These all happen under guruji's guidance.
My long pending wish was to meet sir in personal, last month divine gives chance and I along with my family met our Guru, once I enter the centre, my body feels vibration, While discussion I really feel blessed that finally i am in right hands who shows me right path to discover the destiny of my life.Sir told me that forget about past, I will take care of your daughter, which makes me more proud to be a part of divine family. I am blessed and feel that sir's blessing is always with me,with this Now I am ready to play my life's big game to the fullest and start to acting my dream and dedicate myself to serve divine to the best possible ways.
Gratitude to you sir from bottom of my heart, Thank you divine for everything.
Thank you all Lama's and divine family member for your unconditional love and supports.


Pune, India

Good morning I am new to this group. I would like to share my experience. On 24th Nov I took lama healing from sir and with just one healing there are tremendous change in my life. I have started feeling that since then there is spiritual awakening. I am consistently improving day by day. Regular with meditation and kundalini yoga. Was working with start up and before healing spent 90 days on the project but not a single work was completing. But after healing within 8 days the company got registered and within 15days it got incorporated as well. Before healing was attracting negative people alot and also gave money which they were not giving me back but after healing those people left away and at least received little money at least will recover full as well.
Thank you so much sir for showing the light and helping me to come out of the tunnel. I see light now.

Mrs.Darshana Mehta

Pune, India

Good evening Sir. Gratitude.. Thankyou so much sir for teaching new technique in healing Sound therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowl. After healing I gave today to my relative he was suffering from severe back pain. After giving Lama fera I gave him Sound therapy and it worked miracles. Instant result could be seen. Now he is completely free from back pain. Thankyou for introducing new things and making healing more profound.
Thankyou sir for today's Lamafera revision workshop. Learnt many new things in healing. We are very fortunate to learn all new things under your guidance.Thankyou so much Sir for everything. Thankyou all the member's who participated. Thankyou all new lamas. Thankyou lord Buddha.
Congratulations Sir for creating 500 Lama's till today.We are proud and fortunate to have as our Guru.

Anjali Akolkar

Pune, India

Good after Sir and all divine friends want to thanx from bottom of my heart to Sir and give Gratitude to Sir and all family members.
In my family from danteras i had my family member who was suffering from daibetic foot and all doctors said to cut the leg from knee.
Was very much tension was in sir followup and then did akashic reading for patient manoj akolkar and he came to now the excat reason why he is suffering so much health issuse.
Sir gave the answer and cut the cord of his past birth karma .
And literally while we went to doctor for dressing there we got the address of kolhapur Where Dr Kadam is ayurvedic doctor and specially treats only for daibetic foot and save the legs from cutting .I took the patient there and now in four to five days we saw its curing.Its only Sir grace and all divine souls and sai baba blessing.
As a father sir always save their family members from problem.I am very much greatful and whole heartly want to give my thancx to sir.
We are all very much lucky to have sir with us.

Sonali Velhal

Pune, India


My husband got RE-BIRTH.
Dear all, I would like to share my experience as a gratitude to Swami Samarth & Sai Baba , about recent trajedy of my husband Mihir Velhal, who got severe PARALYSIS ATTACK on 4th Oct 2018 at our Pune home.
His right hand was totally immobilised . He couldnt lift his hand or even move his finger .
Immediately after admitting him in Dinanath Mangeshkar hospital , Pune he was diagnosed with brain paralysis stroke .
I was very much panic , couldn't think what to do and save his life , as he is every thing for me . My life & my breath.
In late evening , when he got few more brain stroke in hospital than I lost all my patience and faith and immediately messaged my guru Shri Dr.Satyendra Shukla ( who taught me lama fera healing & reiki )
It was sudden surprise to see him in 5th Oct morning in hospital at Mihir bed side standing . He just came , touched his right hand and closed his eyes for few moments ( may be giving healing ) .
After opening eyes , he only said two things to both of us " Dar mat ...Sai hai na...72 hr mein you will discharge and hand will move" .
And he left with smile .
Doctor had advised for brain scan MRI and forecasted of operations.
I couldn't know what to believe . We didn't even had money for MRI and operation was beyond our limit .
After my guru left the hospital , within 3 hour moment in "hand finger " began . Mihir was so happy, he called up Shukla Sir to say thank you ( but as Sir was travelling Delhi , he couldn't respond )
On Monday 8th Oct ( exactly after 72 hour ) as Shukla Sir predicted , his hand moment was 70% improved , MRI was done but only blood clotting was found .
Thru medicine , clotting will go , dr advised . Operation was bypassed .
Today my husband Mihir is completely well within 15 days . Now he can drive his vehicle as before .
I have not seen God till now , but after the incidence I can 100% say God exit on this planet & he comes in human form ( like my Guru Shukla Sir ) and save life .
My heartfelt gratitude to my master & Guru Shri Dr Satyendra Shukla & my family who supported us financially during the crucial period , which we both cannot forget till our last breath.


Hyderabad, India

Sir, My feedback about Lama Fera healing, From the day I started the healing, I saw subtle changes in my character, I have become more calm and balanced. (occasionally I do loose my cool, my clearances has been more than 80%.). Today it has been really great.
Thank you so much for bringing Lama fera healing in my life.

Mrs. Maithlee

Pune, India

Dear all...
I want to share my Healing experience with you all... One of my Aunty-60yrs was suffering from multiple problems which were not diagnosed properly...
Her eye was getting red n small_ eye specialist said it's a TB of eye..
She is having chronic asthma.. So the doctor said it's lung infection
We got her CT scan done- there was a swelling on her heart.. Doctor said it's due to hypertension CT scan report showed few nodes in her breast which could even had been cancerous...
Finally she came to our place for rest.. She is a small business woman n runs her own hotel near civil hospital, to serve the needy patients...
So we thought she has allergy of oil as she fries wana n is in the kitchen for long...
I watsapp to sir her pic.. Sir said KUCH NAHI HOGA, LAMA FERA DE Do.....
N only in one setting her daily recurrent fever was gone...
In second setting he persistent headache was no more n to our surprise she is now back to work n fresh n energetic...
Now only her eye problem is remaining which doctor said is not a serious issue.. N m sure it will be cleared in 3rd setting....
I always approach sir with my problems n sir is like a God to me... Every time gives proper guidance and solutions for my issues...
Thank you sir.. Thank you Buddha, thank you Reiki maa...

What is Lama Fera Healing ??

Pune, India

Dear friends, I want to share my experience . I have been a part of this meditation group from first day. I have been sincerely following 70% of the tasks. But inspite of this I was always feeling that something was missing. I met respected Sir and he immediately analysed the problem. He advised me to take Lama fera healing. I took it today from Sir and since morning I am feeling many positive changes in myself. I am feeling happy from within. My mind has been searching for something unknown for many years and within few minutes I found like my questions were answered. I sincerely want to thank Sir and the divine for showing the purpose of my being. I am really BLESSED to be a part of this group. I just wish as we all members are being blessed by our Sir many many more people should be associated with this group. And along with Sir we also should be able to contribute to the mission undertaken by Sir for the betterment of humanity.

Mrs. Bhagyashree

Pune, India

Today's class on numerology was marvellous. Sir has enlightened us on many issues such as the role number and there significance in one's life. Further Sir has also dwelt upon vastu and numbers and science of rudrakshas. The class was superb and very useful in one's life.
Thank you Sir for such a fantastic and valuable discourse

Mrs. Anuradha

Pune, India

Good evening sir and all my dear friends. First of all I want to say thank you to sir for giving lama healing and teaching us Kundalini yoga as well as Numerology and vastu. I and my husband Kunal had amazing feeling. We are feeling light and fresh by doing kundalini yoga. Those exercises which we were not able to do during yoga after lama healing we found that all our chakra’s and aura got positive and we were able to do thoseexercise very easily. And Numerology workshop was mind blowing. We learnt along with Numerology, vastu as well as how to recognise Rudraksha and what are it’s use and how powerful is Rudraksha wearing. Every one should take advantage of this . It is really very beneficial in our day to day life. It is a path towards prosperity. Our negative thoughts have converted into positive thoughts and our view towards our future life has become optimistic .


Pune, India

Respected Sir, Thankyou for today's healing session. My mind was confused for past many years... As you rightly pointed out the soul is searching for something...I was amazed when you said I have no smile on my face. Actually inspite of being content from the bottom of my heart I hardly smile... The reason was not known . I take long time to put faith in something. I was totally confused right from about praying to which God. I am meditating regularly but somewhere something was missing. After today's healing session I came and did my meditation again. It was more peaceful and I am feeling more energetic than ever. I am slowly getting clarity about my things. I am sure your healing and guidance will clarify my being . Thankyou immensely for everything.


Pune, India

Good afternoon all divine souls. I would like to share my experience with you all. I have taken Lama Fera diksha on the 24th of January and have been a part of this group since its inception. My finances are moving towards a positive direction month on month. I was working on a 3rd party contractual position with a telecom company. My contract was to end on the 31st of March 2018. I was really worried about how i will get a decent job in time as i did nt want to be unemployed and sit at home. After taking Lama Fera diksha from Sir, he said not to worry. And asked me have faith in Lord Buddha and surrender to Divine. Sir said "after Gudi Padwa everything will be fine in your life". And today i have got an employment offer from one of the IT MNC for an On Roll position, with a good hike in pay package and Date of Joining as 21st March 2018.
I am sooo happy and truly grateful to Sir and Lord Buddha for bringing positive changes in my life.
Thank you so much Sir for being a medium of bringing positivity in my life. My heartfelt Gratitude to Divine and Sir.


Pune, India

Thank you sir for starting Tip of the day 30/90 workshop. And thank you Sir Lord Buddha I was the part of it, really feels as if I am great happy and blessed just because of you sir.
I attended workshop "Life Transformation" 2 times. In 1st workshop only my life got 50% transformed so attended 2nd workshop also and learnt something new named "Qi Gong". Qi Gong revitalizes our energy in just 5 minutes and make us feel very much energetic for whole day.
After 2nd workshop I got more transformed so I decided to learn "Lama Fera" healing from sir and learnt it on 15 jan 2017. By doing this I am glowing internally and externally. My inner peace is growing tremendously..
So I always try to attend all the workshops scheduled by Sir. Everytime I get more n more than what I expect.
After 30/90 Tip of the day workshop - I have become disciplined, I always wakeup at 5 am do kundalini yoga, Gratitude walk from 6am to 6.30am, started feeding dogs and birds everyday now they are part of my family, I have started drinking blessed water very much, I always give 10rs to a needy person who really needs it, started to think positive everytime, started to trust on divine energy, started meditation in morning and evening. By this workshop I have learnt time management and also learnt never make anyone wait for us rather we should be on time.
In one word I can say Sir that it "you have made my life Heaven on earth."
Thank you so much sir you are the best Guru of the world, best God father who continuously try to make his child bold and successful by implementing new things everytime.
Thank you so much sir.
I am blessed to have a Guru like you


Pune, India

I m more at peace,more open hearted,more tolerant, positive attitude developed,i try to listen to what others have to say, more aware of my thoughts, more focussed at work,people started noticing some Positive changes in me,laziness has reduced, have yo yet control on my afternoon sleep buy yes uts reduced from 2-3 hours to 45_5o min..sometimes even 30 min only..drinking water (with affirmation) has increased ..
Thought are more clear now..hmmmm ..ya m happy these days that someday i Will get what i deserve and God is there knowing everything that i need..on right time i will be granted the right wish/reward/karmaphal...
I have tried to summarise what i felt n experienced in since 15/Jan, especially from 16/03..

Miracles of Healing Workshop 22-January 2017 FEEDBACK

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Ms. Revati Damodare

Pune, India

Today have completed 90 days of practicing Kundalini Yoga. My life has transformed as below:
1. I am totally energetic n healthy
2. My immune power has increased
3. I am a peaceful person
4. There is a glow n happiness on my face
5. I am able to do my office work without any stress
6. My body has become silm n in proper shape
7. I have become cheerful, laugh a lot n enjoy each moment of my life
8. My relationship with my bosses have improved
9. People themselves want to smile back at me n be friendly with me.
10. Increase in spiritual power
11. Increase in financial condition
12. I get a lot of appreciation
13. Reduction in anger
14. Positive thinking increased
15. Clarity towards goal in life
People keep asking me my secret about healthy n slim body n I say Kundalini yoga...
Thank you very much Sir. Thank you divine. Thank you universe.

Before Kundalini Yoga

After Kundalini Yoga

Mrs. Pavitra Pande

Pune, India

I totally agree with your feedback on Kundalini Yoga as my daughter is also practicing it and complted 2 months.
1. Reduced anger
2. Improved relations
3. Glow on face
4. Positive thinking
5. Got spiritual
6. Reduced weight
7. Has become polite
8. Increased confidence
Thank you Sir for introducing us to Kundalini Yoga.

Mrs. Anju Kumari

Pune, India

Dear All,
Glad to share with you all that I completed one month of Lama Fera , 45 days of Reiki and 90 days of Kundalini yoga.
My life has transformed a lot , some of the points as below:
1. I am much energetic n healthy
2. Immunity increased
3.There seems to be a different glow of content on my face
4. Have become polite
5. My relationship overall with everyone has improved
6. Don't know what makes people and especially lil kids smile at me
7. Reduced irritation and anger
8. Think Positive
9. Not easily depressed by situations or hurt by people
10. More practical approach towards life
11. Ready to deal with any situation
12. Raised confidence

Thank you very much Sir for everything, your all time guidance, follow up sessions with enormous knowledge shower .
Thank you Deepti Mam for your guidance always.Thank you Revatti mam for introducing me to a different life.
Thank you God .Thank you universe
Thank you each Pariwaar Member for your inspiration
Looking forward for more blessings and love from everyone.
God Bless us All.

Miracles of Healing Workshop 6-August 2016 FEEDBACK

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Ms. Revati Damodare

Pune, India

Dear all wanted to share that have completed 21 days of continuous practice of kundalini yoga nd feeling very cheerful. My body has become flexible n lighter. There is no stress during work of office. Efficient time management in all work. Feeling very enthusiastic n healthy. Acceptance of people increased n improvement in relationship. Feeling very peaceful. Have a sound sleep in nite. Improved memory and many more. If anyone of you have still not done kundalini yoga pls. do it at first opportunity n see the power n change in your life. Thank you Sir. Thank you divine


Pune, India

Sir, muze bahut energeti feel horaha hai.Mane me ek gajab ka atme vishwas badhe hai. BODY pain bilkun nahi,,par thirdeye chakra me kafi pain hai....mai roj kundalini yoga 50 min without gab practice kar raha hue ..thank you sir jo aap ne hame ye marge bataya.

Nimish Agarwal

Pune, India

Dear Sir, It has been 5 days of continuous practice of Kundalini Yoga. After 5 days
1. I am feeling good after attending Kundalini yoga. Body strength and flexibility has increased. Will power has increased. But some sprain and pain is there.
2. Will power is boasted. Body is flexible. Mood swings are happening.
3. After warm up it takes around an hour.
4. Practising it without gap. Now finding easier to do things like Suryanamaskar
5. Body pain is there. Specially in shoulder/neck region but goes with meditation. Emotional front things are ok.
Thank you.

Sonali Velhal

Pune, India

Hello Sir
1) Sir I am feeling very energetic and rejuvinated.
2) Sir body is paining little bit
3) I do practice for 1hour in morning
4)Sir I am doing it consistently
5)Left hand is paining after KY.

Nilesh Pradhan

Pune, India

After kundalini yoga fell great,active and alerts ,my studying capacity increase although I am not student but for the interview i have study and give answer based on 22 years IT experience questions.
Earlier it was depressed,but now it is fell cool and calm.
Physical running capacity increase from 1 km daily running now 2 km daily running. mentally increase study stamina.almost 12 hours daily earlier 8 hours.emotinally still requires balance due to past trauma in a job.and discrimination in a job.
Almost practice daily 45 min kundalini yoga,45 min reiki 1 hour jogging and running, 20 min lama fera ,yes there is consistency in KY and lama fera and morning walk.
Initially 1st day diarrhea issue ,but after second day it fell normal.somewhat fell angry initially,but now it is cool and calm.over all good experience.Thank you sir.


Pune, India

I am feeling very energetic and rejuvinated.There's lot of change in personality,physically-feeling good,mentally-peace & emotionally self confident.
It takes 1hr&15min to practice KY.There is consistency in practicing.There was a pain issue in right arm and stomach,but from yesterday it has cured...
Thank you so much Sir,for teaching us and changing our life.

Ms. Revati Damodare

Pune, India

Want to share my experience of Kundalini Yoga:
1. Had a lot of body pain next day of workshop which subsided next day. Have a bit of pain on left kidney side
2. After doing this for continuous 5 days have a very nice glow on the face nd feeling young
3. People have started being friendly with me and have started smiling at me first before me giving a smile
4. I am feeling quiet relaxed and happy
5. For first 2 days cud not do ushtrasan properly even though was able to do it in the workshop. Able to do it well since 2 days
6. I am feeling like singing songs and have started singing
7. I have to always follow-up with my lawyer for my work instead he himself pinged me for my work
8. My office work is getting managed well even if I am attending meetings for 2 and half hours
9. One of my colleague was late for boarding the bus today and I asked the driver to wait, the driver generally is rude and listens reluctantly however when I told him to wait he waited patiently for my colleague to come nd I too was quiet nd peaceful without any panic.
10. My head pain is reduced
Thank you so much Sir for teaching this and changing our life.

Mrs. Anadhi

Pune, India

Tx a lot sir for excellent technique of KY.
1. Doing consistently for 5 days. Almost in the morning but today it got skipped but did in the evening.
2. Feeling relaxed and light weight.
3. 2 days slight emotional outburst of anger was there when I couldn't tolerate situation later I realised it is due to removal of toxins.
4. Enjoying the bliss.
5. Many people did favour unexpectedly.
6. Most of the time feeling calm and in peaceful.

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