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    Lama-Fera is a way to give healing to people following the Buddhist path

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Lama Fera & its major benefits ?

    ‘Lama’ means Sadguru, an Enlightened Guru of either Religion and ‘‘Fera’’ means the technique of Healing. The system can help increase spiritual abilities, improve the effectiveness of meditation, relieve pain and discomfort caused by chronic diseases, remove unwanted spirits, cleanse buildings, overcome fear, anxiety, stress and mental tensions, improve memory and visualisation, and assist reconnection with the Higher Self.

  • What are the other benefits of Lama Fera ?

    • Freedom from all kind of Stress and Depression

    • Gives freedom from Anxiety and Fear, helps toward off evil spirits and negative energy

    • The practice can be used to increase memory and inspire higher levels of concentration through meditation

    • It’s the best treatment for enhancing your will power and considered as the best healing treatment for last stage patients of all disease

    • It helps to solve the past life issues and get rid off that problem

    • A practitioner can sense the vibrations and feel change in his energy levels

    • Helps clear problems in business, property and health etc

    • Promotes chemical processing of body, muscles, bones, digestive disorders and give strength and radiant energy

    • Direct healing and effect on the root cause of disease

    • Makes active, alert and self-confident

  • How does Lama Fera healing takes place ?

    The Lama Fera can be practiced with the help of 16 symbols which cannot be reveled and as they use to benefit people. The symbols of Lama Fera have amplitude power to serve highest level of negative energy. The method of its healing is quite different from Reiki and other types of healing therapies used in modern society. It helps to coherent the negative energy and unwanted issues in the health and also helps you to gain awareness, knowledge and enlightenment i.e. through the power of lord Buddha.

  • How many levels are there in Lama Fera Healing ?

    There are only two levels : 1. Master Healer level & 2. Teacher healer level In Master Healer Level : You can do Lama Fera healing on self, others (direct and distance) and Vastu (home / office). Eight symbols are given. In Teacher Level : You have additional 8 symbol to give attenuation (diksha) to others .

  • Can we give / take Lama Fera Attenuation thru distance or online (virtually)?

    No. Its just like one can’t feed stomach online or thru distance. Master – Disciple Physical presence is required in exchange of attenuation energy. Its commercialization of spirituality to promote distance attenuation.

  • After how many days of Master Healer level we can give healing to others ?

    21 days. In 21 days your inner energy level get balanced and your all queries related to Lama Fera Healing is cleared. Your confidence and faith also increases.

  • After how many days we can learn Lama Fera Teacher level course ?

    You can learn after 1 year Lama Fera Teacher level. Reason : To become a teacher, one should have all the ability to teach and give attenuation. When any person learns Lama Fera Master Level , his primary intention is to resolve his own personal issues (Health, wealth, relationship etc). If the person himself is in debt or health / emotional crisis or having divorcee /separation issue than he doesn’t have confidence & ability to resolve other client issue. Therefore, minimum one year is must to get integrated (become one) with spiritual healing before becoming Lama Fera Teacher. Some centre offer “Package” deal : Master + Teacher level , two days course…with attractive period etc etc. Just ask them one question to these commercial business man : Will they send their parents (whom they love very much) to a doctor for heart surgery , who has got MBBS +MD degree in two days ?? Healing is not a business profession certification degree. Its Siddhi..its penance…its patience…its faith which requires lots of personal research and development work. It requires more experience & knowledge than MBBS / MD doctor to treat the patient at spiritual energy plane.

  • How to Identity the right teacher for learning Healing ?

    • One should never go by the certificate or award that he displays or says

    • One should never go on face value of communication that one does on phone

    • First thing is verify and see yourself, what all social work / charity work he did in last 3 years

    • Secondly how many Public workshop he took in last 3 years?

    • How many students got attenuation from his centre and their photos?

    • Weather he conducts training in his staying home flat or at commercial owned office space?

    • How many staff he has?

    • How all he teaches and what he promotes? (for example there are people – who display list of healing which they teach, like a MALL centre. But they don’t have expertise even in one. As one can’t master all the healing modalities)

    • How many FREE follow up session they conduct personally after the completing of session? Verify past follow up session records.

    • What energy checking scientific instruments he has to diagnose before and after healing?

    • Weather he does full time or part time healing training?

    • And finally weather he bargains , gives discount or offer package for your training ? (If he offers discount / package / EMI – than he is not teaching healing but selling consumer durable products)

  • Weather Healing make us Millionaire ?

    No. It will make your mind set millionaire. Action, effort planning needs to be done at your end.

  • What all rules needs to be followed for getting best result in healing ?

    Client should do Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Morning Walk and have Satvik diet.

  • Can healing replace Medicine that is going on ?

    Healing energy is supplement to the existing medical treatment that you are prevailing. But not the substitute.

  • In How many days we can see the effect of Healing ?

    Minimum 24 hours to 21 days (provided we follow what is advised)

  • Once the healing is done, is it permanent ? Or issue repeats after some period ?

    If you practice self healing every day for 10 min, that issue doesn’t repeat.

  • Is there 100% guarantee to solve any problem thru healing ?

    It depends upon the faith , sincerity , consistency, patience and hard work of the client after the healing regarding implementing what is taught and advised.

  • What is the cost of Lama Fera Master Healer and Lama Fera Teacher Healer ?

    Lama Fera Master Healer : Rs 15,000/- …….Inclusive of Lama Fera Healing Kit
    Lama Fera Teacher Healer : FREE.

  • How much time it takes to learn (attunement ) - Lama Fera Master Healer ?

    It’s one day only – 8 hours.

  • What is the principle of Lama Fera Healing ?

    It balances 114 energy centre (chakras) and Tridoshas (Vat ,Pitt and Kaff). Detoxifies toxins from the body at cellular level.

  • Can we do the part payment ? or after getting the result?

    No. Payment is 100% advance to be done week advance. Healing works on faith .

  • There are so many healing Modalities? What is the USP of Lama Fera ?

    All the healing serve the basic primary purpose – Healing the 7 chakras and balance the Tridoshas. The only unique thing about Lama Fera is removing critical negative energy , Psychic cases and evil energy . Its faster and more powerful compared to other healing modalities.

  • What is more powerful – subconscious Mind Training (Mind Power) or Healing ?

    There is a glass filled up with milk. Can we add water into it? No. Until and unless we empty the glass from milk, we cannot fill water into it. Similarly, until and unless Body – Mind – Soul filled up with toxins (negative belief system, negative programming’s, undisciplined life style, past birth and DNA impressions) is detoxified, new programming cannot be added into it. Subconscious Mind programming works when the mind is peaceful , calm, positive and balanced, which is easily possible thru healing.

  • I believe in healing, but my family doesn’t believe. They are not allowing me to learn healing . What to do ?

    Just attend our public workshop, learn Kundalini Yoga and meditation and practice the same. Looking at your changes, family will support you to further learn and practice healing.

  • Few people say healing is superstitious. It doesn’t work. Focus on hard work and achieve whatever you want. How much is that true?

    Ask these questions to these people – Can they tell the taste of Tea just looking at it, weather it has sugar or not? Do they go to temple? And have God photo in their home? If yes, have they seen God? If not seen than why to go temple and keep God Photo. Is it not superstitious ? If all the things can be achieved by hard work , than why there are cases of depression, Stress, Addiction, Suicide that too by educated and financially sound people ? Healing is a therapy (like other medical treatment) which uses natural cosmic energy to balance 5 elements in our body. Until and unless we our self experience and practice it with full faith we cannot comment on the same.

  • Can I see God or get enlightment after the healing ?

    First we need to clear , what is the definition of God in your mind. If you think God as we see in image or idol, than we can’t see him . Enlightment or God presence in us means – we have compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, free from – Anger, Lust, Attachment, Ego, Greed is enlightened person. The person who has the power to bless and heal and who has thirst for social work to uplift nation with good deeds has got enlightened.

  • When I go to any astrologer or healer, they say I have black Magic done by my relatives. They demand heavy fees in lakh to free from spirits. What to do ?

    Black Magic is nothing but a negative energy. Only 2-3% cases people are affected by evil spirit. That are chronic cases. Rest other are suffering because of energy blockages. All can be healed by Lama Fera Successfully in few settings at nominal energy exchange amount.

  • What are the symptom of Negative energies in our life?

    Kindly Refer this link :

  • How will you make India suicide free nation ?

    By creating one healer in every home and creating awareness on healing . Once the person is depression free , stress free and past impression free, chances are rarest of the rare to commit or even think about suicide.

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Dr. Satyendra Shukla
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