Symptoms of Negative Energy

Check the symptoms listed below, for your convenience the symptoms have been divided into three color coded categories. The more symptoms you have from each category, the stronger the Negative energy is.Self Evaluation: You can do a self analysis by checking the symptoms below that match your condition. All Negative energy activity increases before and after every new Moon.

Basic Symptoms: Social Indications
You sense people are avoiding you.
Your good intentions are constantly misunderstood.
Relationship issues-Fighting with your spouse-kids.
Your work or professional career suffers.
Blocked income & financial prospects.
Friends, Relatives or co-workers do not believe you or trust you.
Basic Symptoms: Mind-Body Level
Locked Dreams, Disturbed-interrupted sleep.
Sexual dreams, dreaming of water, falling from heights, dirty bathrooms, animals, snakes.
You see dead people in your dreams or you dream of being killed.
Waking up suddenly in fear or in cold sweat.
Headaches, Chronic fatigue-weakness.
Sudden onset of apathy or disinterest in life, Hopelessness-severe depression.
Mood swings-irrational anger-irritation-fear-hysteria-abnormal behavior.
Dryness of mouth at night-increased thirst-extreme hunger-not hungry at all.
Unexplained weight gain or weight loss.
Sudden chills-goose bumps, Tightness around body parts.
Sudden memory loss-hazy thinking.
An unknown fear or fogginess surrounds you at all times.

Serious Symptoms: Body-Mind Spirituality

Dreaming of Snakes, Scorpions & Spiders

You see black dots or geometrical shapes

The stomach bloats like a pregnant women's belly and the area right above the navel tightens up & when touched feels like a golf ball is in there

Tightness and heaviness specially in shoulders and chest

Extreme hunger in case entities have taken charge of your body

Constant headache

Your complexion darkens

A Dark or Grey smoke is seen in front of the eyes when awake

Stinging pains as if needles or pins are poked into your body

Itching, burning or feeling like your whole body is on fire

You see shadows or feel someone is behind you or you hear voices

Extensive paranormal activity around you

Frequent accidents

Shivering/trembling of body or body parts while going in or coming out of sleep

Additional symptoms pertaining to WOMEN


Bruise (blackish & Bluish) marks around thighs, vagina & on arms or other body parts

Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is real

Irritation in the vagina with Leukorrhea/Leucorrhea

Complete stoppage of monthly periods, irregular periods, painful periods, Dark Blood

Formonal Disturbance

Unable to conceive due to psychic blocks so as the woman stays barren all her life

Blockages in fallopian tubes and/or unable to hold the pregnancy resulting in miscarriage

Unexplained convulsions

Extreme Fear & Anxiety

Nerve Weakening Emotional High's and Low's

Rapid Ageing & ugliness taking over an attractive personality

Hair fall and discoloration of hair or rapid greying

Shrinkage in Breast size

Breast Cancer

Additional symptoms pertaining to MEN
Excessive Alcohol Consumption
Smoking and Drug usage
Excessive/obsessive interest in sex
Shrinkage in size of male organ
Excessive mood swings and extreme anger
Lack of interest in life and at work
Sexual dreams and discharge of semen at nightr
Rapid Ageing; greying of hair leading to baldness
Final Stages of Negative energy with very little recovery time left
Cancer of blood or other body parts
Shrinking and malfunctioning of kidneys
Excessive alcohol consumption resulting in liver damage
Substance Abuse
Serious Heart Problems
Medicines do not work baffling the medical community, resulting in doctors using stronger treatments
Suicidal attempts or thoughts of self destruction

If your symptoms belong to the Serious or Deadly categories, You must not ignore this issue as wasting time could cost you dearly. Look for an honest healer in your local area or take our help in getting evaluated.