This is complete meditation for those seekers who are looking for peace, calmness, positivity and spiritual growth.
After experimenting various meditation at various places, I was not getting complete inner satisfaction whereby I can feel connected with my source (soul).
During my meditation practice, I was guided by divine universe during my Bodhgaya Sadhna about LAMKRIYATM DHYAN on April 30th, 2018 (Budhha Poornima).
Based on the experience of thousands of my students, one who practices LAMKRIYATM DHYAN sadhna for 66 days for 30 min before sunrise (without a single day gap).
Get complete freedom from: stress, depression, anxiety, boredom, negative energy, negative thinking pattern, addiction, suicidal thoughts, loneliness.

Eligibility to learn LAMKRIYATM DHYAN:

3 months after Lama Fera Master Healer workshop & Interview is mandatory to qualify for the same.
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What will I get from the workshop?

Chakras gets balanced & Aura becomes very positive

Manifestion of dream happens sooner and easily

Harmony in relationship

Positive Affirmations & goal setting

Sound Health

Financial Stability