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Duration : 3 days in a week : 1 hour session
Training mode : Online ZOOM Session
Course Fees : Rs. 499/- (3 days session) and Rs. 3500/- per month
Contact : Dr. Reena Shukla(PhD) : 8484023530/9850519111

Here's a condensed curriculum for a three-day workshop on Garbhasanskar, with each session lasting for one hour:

Day 1:

Introduction to Garbhasanskar: Explain the concept and benefits of Garbhasanskar for the overall well-being of the mother and the baby.

Importance of Relaxation: Discuss the significance of relaxation during pregnancy and its impact on the baby's development.

Guided Relaxation Exercise: Lead a short guided relaxation exercise for expectant mothers to experience deep relaxation and connect with their baby.

Healthy Nutrition: Discuss the importance of a balanced diet and nutrition during pregnancy for the optimal development of the baby.

Nutritious Recipes: Share simple and healthy recipes that provide essential nutrients for the mother and the baby's growth.

Mindful Eating: Introduce the concept of mindful eating and encourage participants to eat consciously, savoring each bite and focusing on the nourishment it provides.

Day 2:

Gentle Exercises: Demonstrate gentle prenatal exercises that promote flexibility, strength, and circulation. Emphasize exercises suitable for each trimester of pregnancy.

Breathing Techniques: Teach simple and effective breathing techniques for relaxation and stress management during pregnancy.

Partner Activity: Involve partners in a brief exercise or massage demonstration to promote bonding and support.

Positive Affirmations: Introduce positive affirmations and their role in creating a positive mindset during pregnancy. Share empowering affirmations and encourage participants to create their own.

Visualization Exercise: Guide participants through a visualization exercise where they imagine a peaceful and nurturing environment for their baby's growth and development.

Gratitude Practice: Discuss the benefits of gratitude and guide participants in expressing gratitude for their pregnancy journey.

Day 3:

Music and Sound Therapy: Explain how music and sounds can positively influence the baby's development. Play calming music or soothing sounds for relaxation and enjoyment.

Bonding with the Baby: Discuss different ways to bond with the baby, such as talking to the baby, gentle touch, and playing music. Encourage participants to engage in these activities regularly.

Positive Birth Affirmations: Introduce birth affirmations that help expectant mothers prepare mentally and emotionally for childbirth. Share affirmations related to a smooth and empowered birthing experience.

Closing Circle: Provide time for participants to share their experiences, insights, and any questions they may have.

Final Meditation: Conclude the workshop with a guided meditation focusing on love, connection, and well-being for both the mother and the baby.

Please note that the sessions mentioned above are condensed, and the topics can be explored in more depth if time permits. Adapt the curriculum as needed to suit the specific needs and time constraints of your workshop.



Garbhasanskar session
1 month completed
I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to Reena mam and Sir for arranging and planning so thoughtful, fun-filled, creative, interactive, effective and interesting sessions for me and my child.
It includes variety of activities such as chanting Gayatri mantras, Chakra mantras, Ram raksha, mahamrityunjay mantra and a very calming meditation at the end. I am very happy that chanting these mantras is going to create a very positive and divine impact on my baby.
The best part of all the sessions is the emotional and very personal touch that Mam gives while addressing each and every point to me.
I feel very genuine to listen to those points when she tells short and inspiring stories of Hindu mythology and stories with morals and she gives me instructions on what should I have in my diet. I am sure my baby must be enjoying listening to these stories from inside.
The puzzle sessions, brain development activities, writing gratitude points, yoga sessions, pranayam and a lot of other things - I don't think any where else a Garbhasanskar session must be involving so many good points.
Thank you mam for blessing me and my baby with this care and love. Also through you, I am able to get the positive vibes of Monestry which is very important and I don't want to loose it ever.
The "Womb talking" and "Gratitude" session is very interative and through that I can connect with my baby and let him/her know what I am feeling. It's so touching.
Thank you mam. I am really falling short of words to express my gratitude towards the way you are conducting the sessions for me.
Thank you for checking on me if I am doing what you have asked me to do.Thank you for giving me homeworks.
I am sorry there are times I fail to complete my homework but I will do so in the coming sessions without fail.
I am aware about the positive impact these activites are having on my baby.
Looking forward for the coming sessions.
Thank you divine.
Thank you Monestry.
Thank you Sir and Mam for being with me through this journey.