Transform Your Team's Stress into Success: Experience Our Corporate Meditation Workshop

Lama Fera International conducts corporate workshop which includes:

Kundalini Yoga

1. Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
2. Improves mental clarity and focus.
3. Enhances physical flexibility and strength.

Lam Kriya Dhyan with Sound Healing

1. Balances energy centers (chakras) for overall well-being.
2. Facilitates deep relaxation and inner peace.
3. Promotes healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Power of the Subconscious Mind

1. Unlocks hidden potential and creativity.
2. Enhances problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills.
3. Aids in overcoming limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns.

Law of Attraction

A1. Manifestation of goals and desires into reality.
2. Positive mindset cultivation for success and abundance.
3. Empowers individuals to attract desired outcomes and opportunities.

Dynamic Daily Habits

1. Establishes productive routines for peak performance.
2. Cultivates discipline and consistency in daily practices.
3. Fosters personal growth and self-improvement.

Naturopathy Diet

1. Supports overall health and well-being through natural nutrition.
2. Addresses specific health issues through dietary adjustments.
3. Promotes holistic healing and vitality.

3T (Team - Target - Transformation)

1. Enhances teamwork and collaboration within the organization.
2. Aligns individuals with common goals and objectives.
3. Drives organizational change and growth through collective efforts.

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