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Online Meditation & Healing Chain - Testimonials

Rajeswari Ramesh

Pune, India

Lama Fera Healing on SAAM TV

G“No way to leave this habit in my life time.
Almost one and half year of my journey with meditation group and Sir was wonderful and memorable journey.
In starting days little bit laziness was there, but now got up 4 'o clock is not a big matter.
Now this is my habitual not a compulsion
Group meditation and Sir's Divine Healing is need every day, this two is my energy gainers to run beyond my routine work throughout the day.
Thank you so much sir.
Feeling good,
After meditation felt like Divine really next to me.
I am a Divine child.
I got chance to smile during this period.”

Meenakhi Jain

Pune, India

"One’s amazing...feels very calm...”


Pune, India

“It has become part and parcel of my life. I am connected to it from day one and the day I missed during traveling or so I feel uneasy. As after doing meditation I feel relaxed and bliss full.
Thank you Sir for connecting us with divine and showing a noble path of gratitude, peace, charity........ During initial 2-3 days I use to have burbs and hickups during smiling meditation and discussed with sir also, after that I am feeling calm and happy.”


Pune, India

“Done anywhere anytime
Is an autonomous process of mind and body
Thank you Sir for guiding us to the path of divinity
Is very toxic in spreading smiles.”

Mansi Anand


“This group has helped me in a lot of ways and Sir's healing, teachings and blessings have taught me a lot. I am constantly inspired to become a better person, more disciplined and do more seva because of Sir and everyone else in the group. Feel grateful and happy after doing it”.


Pune, India

“Thanks a lot Sir for disciplining us through tasks.
It is a life time Life-Line for me to connect with Divine, Guru and all divine souls as well to say gratitude to all beings from my birth till date. Amazing whenever I feel like I am doing this and also feeling happiness from inside always
Koti pranams and gratitude Sir for leading us to the path of divinity with humanity.”

Aditi Jog


“That has become a part of my life now. Feels guilty if I don't do it. Connects one to higher self and positive thoughts. Plus group inspiration is there which works on a different level and due to it manifestation of positivity is always surrounding me. Also as Sir says with meditation you keep your mind and body healthy, positive and manifestation of wishes and dreams take place. Concentration incresases and you become strong to handle any situation arising in your life. You have the power to change your destiny. I have noticed each and everything in my life. My life completely changed since I joined this group. Sir has taken lots of efforts behind me to join the group, due to which these changes happened in my life and now I am helping others so that even they can feel all the beautiful changes that takes place in oneself and people surrounding us.
Thank you so much for everything Sir. Forever grateful for this.
That is one of the easy and beautiful thing in my life. Whenever I do it feels like a Bliss. Especially I have noticed when done after a hectic time or a difficult time, it feels as if not to come out of it. Peaceful and relaxed feeling. Hence I not only do it 3 times a day, but also whenever I can. Thank you so much for this task”.

Archana Jog

Pune, India

“Part of life. Without doing that I am unable to sleep and miss not doing it if it's gets skipped for any reason.
Thank you for all the above things which changed in my life after I came in contact with Sir.
Feeling calm, happy, and peaceful.”


Pune, India

“Its energy booster for routine life. It cultivated discipline.
Now it’s inhabit as there are so many questions n we get answers in meditation.
Feeling calm n peaceful.
With all these tasks Discipline, Punctuality and Commitment become part of my life.
Feeling happy from inside. Feel like child no reason but want to smile n be happy.”


Pune, India

“doing meditation has become my habit now
Feeling calm and peaceful.”

Deepak Lulla

Aurangabad, India

“This i do regularly sir. I have benefited physically and mentally. I observed changes taking place in me. Thank you sir.
It is not possible me on that days because of lots of pressure of working. Now i will start it sir”


Pune, India

“It's oxygen to my life. I wanted to lifetime member of this group.
Smile Meditation: It is unique technique to re-enjoy my childhood.
Feel light and happy.”

Rajeshri Bhanup

Mumbai, India

“Becomes daily routine of my life. If I missed due to some reasons, I feel very uneasy. After meditation
I feel very calm and blissful
Feel happy.”


Pune, India

“Meditation give me monkey mind is in control now.
Feeling happy. Happiness around me”


Pune, India

“Doing meditation has become my habit now.
Feeling positive, calm and peaceful. Thrice a day me krti hu ise.24hrs.inside happy feeling rehti hai”

Anjali Akolkar

Pune, India

“Now meditation is become a necessary part of my life.I reduce my anger my weight,And i had become confident to fight against wrong and injustice .While this meditation has save my life from sucide.Whatever today i am is because of meditation group and my Guruji Shukla Sir,He made me to think about my abilities which was only within mee,And made me strong enough to do charity which was not in mee.Sir has changed my soul as Lord Buddha and Sai Baba.
My life has changed totally after doing this task my pot of gratitude is filled half and as i do gratitude for each and evzery one .I am improving in myself,relationship,strong believe that i am divine child filled with happiness. And sir i have started taking yoga classes and tution totally free to poor children and daily i see i give food to at least 7 children near railway station, life became magical.
Thank you Guruji and all family members of this group and thank you universe for everything my life given by my guruji.
Whole Heartily Gratitude to Shukla Sir to make mee as human being.
Awesome where from inner soul i feel all my worries are gone through the grace of Divine Happiness.”


Kerala, India

“Became habit of my life, it will gave me more energy, concentration, courage.
When I give gratitude to the divine feel more connected to the universe.
Thank you”.


Pune, India

“I do it in morning n gives a very good start of the day...feels refreshed n happy also internal peace of mind and satisfaction...
Thank you sir for the opportunity and all the members for honest n lovely feedbacks.
I feel happy calm and BLESSED”.


Karad, India

“It’s part of my life meditation gave me tension free improves my health.
Feeling happy and joyful.”

Padmavati Joshi

Pune, India

“Been in the group for long. Very effective. Brought some discipline in my life. Healing has helped too.
Overall, I am blessed to be in this group, thanks to Sir and all the members.
A total emotional and spiritual support system
Not happening three times. Very encouraging thoughts come to the mind.. It helps to know someone is there all the time for me and guiding me.”


Pune, India

"fter joining this group my life is changed...i do meditation regularly agar ye group join nahi kiya hota to shayad nahi kar pati and daily sir ke mes hame aage badne ke lie inspire karte hai ....thank you sir
i am doing this task morning n evening 10 mins afternoon nahi ho pa raha hai, but after smile meditation i feel good, calm n happy.."

Sneha Dore

Pune, India

“Feels very blissful after meditation. Feel lethargic if I miss to sit for meditation.
Thank you Sir and Divine for everything.
Do this as and when I remember. Teleports me in another world altogether.”

Sarita Kumari

Patanas, India

“I do meditation regularly. I feel happy , delighted , full of energy and confident
Thank you sir for these tasks
Yes I do smile meditation. It helps me to meditate thoughtlessly. So I feel happy.”


Mumbai, India

“This group has connected me with divine souls. Sir’s teachings are always wonderful. I am very grateful to Sir and each and every person in the group for inspiring me to do charity plantation and helping others after joining the group.
Thank you Sir for showing a noble path. Thank you God for everything.
Peaceful and relaxed feeling.”

Bhavesh padsala


“This work as a nutrition for my body and mind. It became a part of my daily routine now. It helps in making body and mind in rhythm.
Improves energy level throughout the day.This is excellent tool for me, as I observe and feel positivity and happiness during the day. Even during gratitude walks, I also repeat the same
Thank you sir for guiding us in changing our lives
You are a True mentor, Guru who always inspiring and blessing us.”

Vrushti Vale

Pune, India

“Meditation is become a part of my life morning and evening ke alawa bhi main meditation Karti hu ... meditation se spiritual growth bhi thodi ho rahi sab ho par raha Kewal guruji ke Karan.
Meditation ke Karan ander se energy milti hai day to day life Ko handle karne me .... thanks a lot guruji”.

Dr. Raymond Myles

Himachal Pradesh - India

”I have been doing it regular in the morning and evening, without any break till date. I will do this for the entire 90 DAYS. I have doing it regularly for two times (morning and night) day with affirmation. I find it good and will continue it for 90 days. I can’t do it during the day as I am in the office.
Thank you very much.”


Pune, India

“ I was not regular with this and had difficulty to concentrate but when I met sir in person promised him to do it regularly from then I am doing meditation and bath before 6 regularly. Feeling really good now will continue without a day miss.
Thank you so much sir for giving the task which are helping us to improve our lives.”

Bhavesh Padsala


Yes, all credit goes to our respected sir, 2017-18 was a life changing year for me and my family, my daughter Yashvi had a major health issue, which shocked us and disturbed our lives all the way, i was complaining to God, why it happen to my daughter, as consciously we did not wrong with anyone in this life, but we have to settle our Karma account. I experience the same as truly said, if we did good, all good comes to us, in this difficult situation God send messanger to show path. I got best doctors in my town and with the support of relatives, treatment was started.
Meantime,One of my wife's friend suggest to do Lama fera healing. I was unaware of healing subject, I thought of let us do it, some benefit definitely will get.
22nd Feb.2018 was a day I called sir and discussed case, sir clarify the reason of suffering and start healing.
I follow all instruction and as days go, I realised the power of healing n observe some miraculous results on my daughter. She was energetic n her body gives good response during treatment. All happen due to healing.. Thank you all LAMA'S credit goes to you all..
It's Almost 1 Year I am with this divine family, Today I look back my last year, my life is changing 360 degree, meditation become inherent habit which boost my body energy level. My life under transformation from ' unconscious incompetent' To 'concious competent'. I am doing my best in day to day routine to balance Mind,Body, emotion and spirit to move in a awaken situation... I realise through the Book reading task that Task given in this group are the 'CAPSULES' to come out of comfort zone and it shift our energy level and give boost to progress on spiritual journey. I Urge all to follow it religiously.
Now I do my best to monitor day to day work and become aware and try to control my Thoughts,action and enjoy the life, I feel, I took charge of my actions which shift from remote controlled routine. In real sense I started living and enjoying my life. These all happen under guruji's guidance.
My long pending wish was to meet sir in personal, last month divine gives chance and I along with my family met our Guru, once I enter the centre, my body feels vibration, While discussion I really feel blessed that finally i am in right hands who shows me right path to discover the destiny of my life.Sir told me that forget about past, I will take care of your daughter, which makes me more proud to be a part of divine family. I am blessed and feel that sir's blessing is always with me,with this Now I am ready to play my life's big game to the fullest and start to acting my dream and dedicate myself to serve divine to the best possible ways.
Gratitude to you sir from bottom of my heart, Thank you divine for everything.
Thank you all Lama's and divine family member for your unconditional love and supports.


Pune, India

Good morning I am new to this group. I would like to share my experience. On 24th Nov I took lama healing from sir and with just one healing there are tremendous change in my life. I have started feeling that since then there is spiritual awakening. I am consistently improving day by day. Regular with meditation and kundalini yoga. Was working with start up and before healing spent 90 days on the project but not a single work was completing. But after healing within 8 days the company got registered and within 15days it got incorporated as well. Before healing was attracting negative people alot and also gave money which they were not giving me back but after healing those people left away and at least received little money at least will recover full as well.
Thank you so much sir for showing the light and helping me to come out of the tunnel. I see light now.

Mrs.Darshana Mehta

Pune, India

Good evening Sir. Gratitude.. Thankyou so much sir for teaching new technique in healing Sound therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowl. After healing I gave today to my relative he was suffering from severe back pain. After giving Lama fera I gave him Sound therapy and it worked miracles. Instant result could be seen. Now he is completely free from back pain. Thankyou for introducing new things and making healing more profound.
Thankyou sir for today's Lamafera revision workshop. Learnt many new things in healing. We are very fortunate to learn all new things under your guidance.Thankyou so much Sir for everything. Thankyou all the member's who participated. Thankyou all new lamas. Thankyou lord Buddha.
Congratulations Sir for creating 500 Lama's till today.We are proud and fortunate to have as our Guru.

Anjali Akolkar

Pune, India

Good after Sir and all divine friends want to thanx from bottom of my heart to Sir and give Gratitude to Sir and all family members.
In my family from danteras i had my family member who was suffering from daibetic foot and all doctors said to cut the leg from knee.
Was very much tension was in sir followup and then did akashic reading for patient manoj akolkar and he came to now the excat reason why he is suffering so much health issuse.
Sir gave the answer and cut the cord of his past birth karma .
And literally while we went to doctor for dressing there we got the address of kolhapur Where Dr Kadam is ayurvedic doctor and specially treats only for daibetic foot and save the legs from cutting .I took the patient there and now in four to five days we saw its curing.Its only Sir grace and all divine souls and sai baba blessing.
As a father sir always save their family members from problem.I am very much greatful and whole heartly want to give my thancx to sir.
We are all very much lucky to have sir with us.


Hyderabad, India

Sir, My feedback about Lama Fera healing, From the day I started the healing, I saw subtle changes in my character, I have become more calm and balanced. (occasionally I do loose my cool, my clearances has been more than 80%.). Today it has been really great.
Thank you so much for bringing Lama fera healing in my life.

What is Lama Fera Healing ??
Mrs. Maithlee

Pune, India

Dear all...
I want to share my Healing experience with you all... One of my Aunty-60yrs was suffering from multiple problems which were not diagnosed properly...
Her eye was getting red n small_ eye specialist said it's a TB of eye..
She is having chronic asthma.. So the doctor said it's lung infection
We got her CT scan done- there was a swelling on her heart.. Doctor said it's due to hypertension CT scan report showed few nodes in her breast which could even had been cancerous...
Finally she came to our place for rest.. She is a small business woman n runs her own hotel near civil hospital, to serve the needy patients...
So we thought she has allergy of oil as she fries wana n is in the kitchen for long...
I watsapp to sir her pic.. Sir said KUCH NAHI HOGA, LAMA FERA DE Do.....
N only in one setting her daily recurrent fever was gone...
In second setting he persistent headache was no more n to our surprise she is now back to work n fresh n energetic...
Now only her eye problem is remaining which doctor said is not a serious issue.. N m sure it will be cleared in 3rd setting....
I always approach sir with my problems n sir is like a God to me... Every time gives proper guidance and solutions for my issues...
Thank you sir.. Thank you Buddha, thank you Reiki maa...


Pune, India

Dear friends, I want to share my experience . I have been a part of this meditation group from first day. I have been sincerely following 70% of the tasks. But inspite of this I was always feeling that something was missing. I met respected Sir and he immediately analysed the problem. He advised me to take Lama fera healing. I took it today from Sir and since morning I am feeling many positive changes in myself. I am feeling happy from within. My mind has been searching for something unknown for many years and within few minutes I found like my questions were answered. I sincerely want to thank Sir and the divine for showing the purpose of my being. I am really BLESSED to be a part of this group. I just wish as we all members are being blessed by our Sir many many more people should be associated with this group. And along with Sir we also should be able to contribute to the mission undertaken by Sir for the betterment of humanity.

Mrs. Bhagyashree

Pune, India

Today's class on numerology was marvellous. Sir has enlightened us on many issues such as the role number and there significance in one's life. Further Sir has also dwelt upon vastu and numbers and science of rudrakshas. The class was superb and very useful in one's life.
Thank you Sir for such a fantastic and valuable discourse

Mrs. Anuradha

Pune, India

Good evening sir and all my dear friends. First of all I want to say thank you to sir for giving lama healing and teaching us Kundalini yoga as well as Numerology and vastu. I and my husband Kunal had amazing feeling. We are feeling light and fresh by doing kundalini yoga. Those exercises which we were not able to do during yoga after lama healing we found that all our chakra’s and aura got positive and we were able to do thoseexercise very easily. And Numerology workshop was mind blowing. We learnt along with Numerology, vastu as well as how to recognise Rudraksha and what are it’s use and how powerful is Rudraksha wearing. Every one should take advantage of this . It is really very beneficial in our day to day life. It is a path towards prosperity. Our negative thoughts have converted into positive thoughts and our view towards our future life has become optimistic .


Pune, India

Respected Sir, Thankyou for today's healing session. My mind was confused for past many years... As you rightly pointed out the soul is searching for something...I was amazed when you said I have no smile on my face. Actually inspite of being content from the bottom of my heart I hardly smile... The reason was not known . I take long time to put faith in something. I was totally confused right from about praying to which God. I am meditating regularly but somewhere something was missing. After today's healing session I came and did my meditation again. It was more peaceful and I am feeling more energetic than ever. I am slowly getting clarity about my things. I am sure your healing and guidance will clarify my being . Thankyou immensely for everything.

Rajni , Delhi

Good afternoon Sir and my all friends , yesterday I completed my 90 days . I felt amazing experience. On the first day of meditation I did not thought and expected a meditation can do changes in some one life. I was in very deep depression but now I am out of it and have confidence that I can help the depress people with my efforts. Its a big change in my life.
when I started meditation , after few days I felt changes in my life " per kaisa change pata nahi chal raha tha" with in 4-5 days left I felt "kutch naya mere sath ho raha hai ". I live happy now. Everything is now be in my favour. I am enjoying my work .
My relationship also get well. my all questions and doubt are over now .I found my inner peace. I love myself. Deepti mam and Shukla Sir both of you are God's blessings in my life . I am very grateful to both of you. Specially Shukla Sir ."I respect you , I respect u , I respect you.
Sir I dedicat to you a few lines"Hamein Rastoon ki jaroorat nahi hai, Hame aapke kadmoon ke nishaan mil gaye hai " . Thank you Sir for your grace "I am blessed " .
Thank you to all my divine friends,Revati mam .I wish my this divine journey with always be continued with you all in future.
Thank you for blessing me " Lama Fera International "Delhi franchise

Anju , Delhi

Wow !!! Today I completed 90 days with u all in meditation family . Feeling very special . My family has increased now. Happy wid u all . Thank u sir , Deepti mam , Revati mam and all of u my soulmates.
I was very fascinated about Meditation but didn't do even not tried to do ..only in thoughts as we were before like a " " " " Common Man " not in action .
I was reading posts on my facebook account and saw Shukla Sir's post of Meditation Chain Group. I called up sir and joined it was very excited with lots of questions , hope , dreams and many more .." In a Positive way " THIS WAS THE " FIRST DAY EXPERIENCE EVEN BEFORE JOINING THE GROUP FULL OF ENERGY WID A STRONG POSITIVE THOUGHT."
Talked to Shukla sir about my problems my confusion sir replied " From Today Ur life Got Changed "
During starting period it was difficult for me to wake up at 5.30 am but I didi it. Sometime I was in sleep mode during meditation but I sat and kept my eyes closed. Bcoz SHukla sir was watching .I felt like a dump student who wants to learn but can't do it . " Mujhe aisa feel hota tha ki Sir's class is going on and I the lazy student chupke se apna basta lekar peeche baith jata hai ..wid strong feeling of learn something."
Yes I know it's very lengthy but can't control .

After joining this group from the very first day I achieved :
1. "My self confidence " yes " I do Meditation " told to every one proudly .
2. Got "Positive Aura " every body started liking me . Felt like celebrity. Now I become magnet of positive thoughts .
3. Blessed wid " LAMA FERA DIKSHA from Shukla sir got blessings of lord Buddha .
4. Blessed wid "LAMA FERA INTERNATIONAL DELHI FRANCHISE " by Shukla sir and wid Grace of God. Which is main turning point of my life .It is Power of my Soul "
Now here by in the presence of u all my soulmates " I dedicate my soul and my work to Lama Fera International ." I will do my work hard and will do my best to give my efforts to spread Our Lama Fera International in the universe ."
5. My anger got control but little is still there.
6. I am absolutely fit and fyn now . Infact I am getting more younger and beautiful day by day .and I love it. Even I don't need my spax now my eyes got perfect .
7. Many problems got solved but still some r renaming there and now don't get hurt by them but got a strong kick to move ahead. " Every scar on our Soul tells our succes story "
8. During last month met wid 2 strong problems first I and my friend Rajni started a kitty group in march . We collected 25 thousand rs from them but in april they all refused to continue the group .Every body was shouting "Hamare paise do " but we DON'T get panic handed the situation very calmly .Now we have money and asking them to collect from last 2 weeks but no body is coming to take this .situation got in our favour now we r shouting Apna paisa le jao
9. second I depositecd 9500 in wrong account on 9th april but again we were smiling n Give our thanks to Mr. PATIL ( wrong acc holder ) and who is still holding our money " For taking care of our money "
If I was that Anju before feb than in both above situations got panic n will shout.but now I am Happy ki Mere pass itna money hai ki dusre ke acc main deposit karana pada.
Thanks to Deepti Mam Mam ur the real Reiki mother . Mam I want to be like u.
Thanks to every post of Shukla sir which r full of energy logics and answers to our hidden questions.
Some of the members of the family like Lama Anju , Anandhi , Pratibha , Rajeshwari Ramesh and Bhavesh attracts me .
Thank u sir my parents gave birth to my Body and u gave Birth to MY SOUL .So ur also my father ...I respect u lot and sir at the end WE ALL LOVE U FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART .
" Manjile thi par Rahe nahi thi ... Raho main mushkile badi thi ... Honsle they par udan nahi thi... Aapne ji pakda haath Guru ji .. Hogaya shuru karwan jindagi ka... Abhi to kuch kadam hi bade hai .. Maza Aa Gaya zindagi ka ."
Thank u all
Thank u sir

Ekta Vadlamudi

What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health : 90%
2. Relationship : 70%
3. Finance : waiting for my work permit to start a job.
4. Energy level : 90% I do yoga regularly and play basketball and badminton wih my son :-)
5. Stress reduction : 90%
6. Sleep reduction : 100%
7. Discipline : 100%
8. Punctuality : 90%
9. Negative thought reduction : 70% I still sometimes get negative and go into continuous negative chatting with myself. I still sometimes unknowingly judge people. Working on it.
10. Control on diet : 80% (left non-veg totally) my food craving have reduced but still need to learn portion control.
11. New opportunity : will definately get. With meditation regularly i feel more confident and focused.
12. Any others ( which you feel relivant to mention)
I feel more energetic through out day and get lot of creative ideas. Got out of some negative patterns. Try to keep myself engaged in something or the other thing. Continuous chatter in mind has almost stopped. I used to get headaches in the center of my head and it is totally stopped. One interesting thing is...i am solving my issues in dream:-) Looks like lot of things which were stored in my sub-concious mind are coming one by one and i am able to understand why such and such thing happened and i am able to letting it go. Amazing experience. I am glad i joined this group. Looking forward for more guidance so that the path which i am following now will lead me to the real purpose of my life.
Thanks Guruji. I am blessed.


What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health :90%
2. Relationship : 80%
3. Finance : stable
4. Energy level : 95%
5. Stress reduction :90%
6. Sleep reduction : 90%
7. Discipline : 80%
8. Punctuality : 90%
9. Negative thought reduction : 90%
10. Control on diet : 90%
Many time DINNER not required
11. New opportunity : Searching
12. I feel confident. Dare to dream.Try to learn new things.
Sometimes I go to past...but due to sir's blessings able to manage myself.
Thank you Sir for your healing and tips ! Thanks for coming in our life. Thank you everyone.

Darshana Mehta

What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health : 100%
2. Relationship : 90%
3. Finance : 90%
4. Energy level : 95%
5. Stress reduction : 85%
6. Sleep reduction : 95%
7. Discipline : 90%
8. Punctuality : 85%
9. Negative thought reduction : I sometimes get negative when I judge people. I want to work more on this.
10. Control on diet : 100%
11. New opportunity : 100%
12. Any others: My energy level has increased. I work non stop continuously without getting tired and fustrated. At the end of the day I keep similing.
I made efforts to change habbits of my student and regularise meditation in class. Everyday new opportunities I am getting. Completely stopped blaming or critiscising people. Started accepting people as they are. Not becoming football of others opinion. Now whatever I Command to Universe I am achieving..

Thank you sir for guiding us . I am blessed in my life as having Shukla sir as my Guru and Master . I am blessed that I having wonderful family and loving family members. I am blessed truly for having such wonderful group. I am blessed for this birth as I know my purpose of helping people everyday.
Thank your lord Buddha, Thank you Sai baba, Thank you Yogmaya, Thank you Usui sir , thank you Shukla sir and Deepti ma'am


What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health :90%
2. Relationship : 90%
3. Finance : 70%
4. Energy level : 100%
5. Stress reduction :95%
6. Sleep reduction : 70%
7. Discipline : 85%
8. Punctuality : 90%
9. Negative thought reduction : 95%
10. Control on diet : 90%
11. New opportunity : seeking for the right one.
12. Many changes has occurred within myself after I started meditation. Main thing is self discovery, I am starting to understand myself which is helping me to overcome many situations. I like the state of calmness I have within after meditation daily. There is sudden changes in the mood, I start feeling confident, and look forward for any activity with a positive approach.
Thank you sir and everyone! I am glad I joined this group.


What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health : 90%
2. Relationship : 100%
3. Finance : 100%
4. Energy Level : 80%
5. Stress Reduction : 90%
6. Sleep Reduction : 80 %
7. Discipline : 100 %
8. Punctuality : 100%
9. Negative Thought Reduction : 90%
10. Control On Diet : 100%
11. New Opportunity : Searching
12 . Any Others : Started manifesting small things.No miracles have happened yet but many times I think about something and it happens within 2 _ 3 days.
Thank u Sir for ur healing and tips.

Snigdha, Kolkatta

What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health : 75%
2. Relationship :
4. Energy level : 70%
5. Stress reduction : 60%
6. Sleep reduction : 50%
7. Discipline : 60%
8. Punctuality : 70%
9. Negative thought reduction : 50%
10. Control on diet : 60%
11. New opportunity : Applied to UK colleges for masters. Waiting for the reply. Fingers crossed
12. It's just been a month since I joined this group. I was affected with lot of negativity around me and now I am at a better place. I used to feel someone around me or have scary n weird dreams which has reduced to like 90%. I have also started thinking to the point and is not easily affected by negativity around me. There best thing that happened is I couldn't meditate before it was really hard for me but now it is becoming easy n am having less thoughts during it. Thank you sir.


What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health : 90%
2. Relationship : 80%
4. Energy level : 85%
5. Stress reduction : 85%
6. Sleep reduction : 6 hrs sleep
Wont sleep in afternoon on weekends also.
7. Discipline : 80%
8. Punctuality : 90%
9. Negative thought reduction : 80%
10. Control on diet : 85%
11. New opportunity : 85%
Diet control is increased a lot earlier i use to drink tea atleast during studies mainly during late night studies. Now since last 3-4 weeks I wont and dont feel like having a sip of tea. Patience is also increased.
Thank you sir.

Padmavati Joshi

What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health : 80%
2. Relationship : 90%
3. Finance : 50%
4. Energy level : 90%
5. Stress reduction : 90%
6. Sleep reduction : I can sleep! Had too much stress and could not sleep.
7. Discipline : 80%
8. Punctuality : 80% especially for lunch and dinner.
9. Negative thought reduction : 90%
10. Control on diet : 90%
11. New opportunity : No.
12. Any others ( which you feel relivant to mention)
Feeling that I am guided by the higher power more and more. More positive now.
Thank you Lord Buddha, Sir, Deepti and all friends for making me better and stronger in all ways.


What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1] Health: 95%
2] Relationship: 100%
3] Finance: 100%(saving) Sir you know l'm housewife but Sir maine meditation chain join karate hi ( Lama fera Diksha ke baad ) 8/10 dino main mere naam par FD ki gai hai.So thank you my father & mother
4] Energy level: 95%
5] Stress reduction : 90%
6] Sleep reduction: 100%
7] Discipline: 100%
8] Punctuality: 95%
9] Negative thought reduction: 95%
10] Control on diet: 95%
11] New opportunity: Sir you know I was learn KYTTC.Mere plan ready hai sir par main use pura nahu kar pa rahi houn.
12] Any other: Sir you know, main buddhist family se belong karati houn.meri family se mujhe yahi sanskar mile hai. Dhamma, Sharan Gaman to mujhe sikhya gaya par main vo vyavhar main nahi la pati thi.Lakin apke article se mujhe or bhi use vyavhar main lane main aasani hui hai. Main jab bhi Sangh ke longo se milti houn unhein bhi mujhamain 'Alagsapan' dikhai deta hai.
I'm control anger, fear n my tongue. Every time I'm feel confident. Some new ideas in my mind. Yes sir I 'm blessed b'coz your blessings always with me.I'm blessed my family members. Thank you Lord Buddha. Thank you for everything.

Susy, UK

What percentage (%) of improvment you saw in following parameters after Meditation Healing chain :
1. Health : 90% use to hv pain in right has improved
2. Relationship : 90%
3. Finance : 80%
4. Energy level : 100%
5. Stress reduction : 80%
6. Sleep reduction : 100%
7. Discipline : 95%
8. Punctuality : 100%
9. Negative thought reduction : 80%...I still get...trying to focus more on being positive
10. Control on diet : 70%..feel too much anxiety after 4pm
11. New opportunity : 90%.. looking for Gods Grace will ge it soon..
12. Any others ( which you feel relivant to mention)
Love all the inspirational n motivacional keeps me more focus..
Trying to remain calm in situations..n Smile always
Deepest Gratitude..!!!