Our Mission : Suicide Free India

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    Lama means follower, who follows the philosophy of Buddha

Why Us ?

Lama Fera International

Other Healing centres

1. Biggest In India with 22 Healing Centres (check on contact us page)

One man properitory ownership

2. Quality Training : First ISO 9001:2015 certified

No focus on quality : ISO certified are very rare

3. Knowledge Revison & New technique : Every Month free follow up life time

No follow up, Fake overcommittment

4. 10 years of research in Healing & founder healing Doctorate

No authentic research only false claim

5. No of Lama Fera Master Healer from centre : 100+
No of people who took the healing : 3000+ (direct & distance)

No verified and true data. All verbal claim

6. Full time only Lama Fera Healing, Reasearch & Training

Side / part time healing centre is run to support their core business

7. Social Responsibility : Centre adopted 17 HIV affected kids since 5 years & Working on SUICIDE FREE INDIA mission.

Healing revenue is the source of their survival & not social responsibility

8. Transparency : No discount , No EMI facility , fees higher than freelancer healer

Offer discount, Low cost, EMI, give package offer , bargaining & negotiation

9. Toughest and highest level of discipline and ethics or else disciplinary action taken immediately & life time suspension from centre

No dicipline and standard of ethics

10. Focused vision / plan for the nation development

Vision how to earn money using comparison, crticism with other centre

11. Centre successfully conducted 50+ mass audience public workshop & training since last 3 years across India

Rarely you will find their centre holding mass scale workshop on stage

12. Centre Headquarter has its owned premises & vehicles

Generally operate in Rental offices and teach others how to be Millionare

13. Conducted workshop , seminar & training in various corporates

No corporate presence. Only local presence

14. Client satisfaction ratio : 98%

Check and experience yourself at your cost !!! That will be more authentic

15. Master healer and Master Trainer are made depending upon their calibre spiritual maturity and social work

All so called degrees are given in two days, as money is more important than student calibre its just like a student getting Matriculation , Graduation and Post Graduation fake certifcate in one day !!

Do you think , that student is capable of doing post graduation work after receiving these certificate ?? Also check trainer educational, corporate and family background. Most of the freelancer healer trainer are bankrupt, divorcee, separtee, and facing with various health issue. Now you can decide and analyse will they be able to solve your financial, relationship and health issue when they couldn’t solve their own. Before you invest your time and money spend time in analysing and verifying above 15 points if you want to be divine messenger and best citizen of Nation. Rest is your life…your choice !!!