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ProductUsagePrice per PieceImageQuantityTotal
Book - Journey from Signature to AutographLife Transformation Manual – 90 days practical tips 250 0
GowdhoopEnhance positive energy in home150 0
Gugle DhoopHelps to remove negative energy200 0
Amethyst PyramidBest for meditation100 0
Tourmaline PendantHelps to protect from negativity450 0
Tourmaline PlantHelps to protect home from negativity 1100 0
Crystal PlantHelps to increase positive energy in Home1100 0
7 Chakra CrystalBalances the energy chakras1200 0
Crystal BandProtection & Chakra Balancing750 0
L-rodsTo check the Human Aura2100 0
Leture AntenaTo check the Human Chakra energy4500 0
HERBAL BATH SALT WITH ESSENTIAL OIL COFFEEAbility to improve Cognitive Health / Boosted Energy Levels550 0
HERBAL BATH SALT WITH ESSENTIAL OIL AURA CLEANSERA highly spiritual energy which aids meditation, intuition and psychic activities, vision,imagination,inquisitiveness healing.550 0
HERBAL BATH SALT WITH ESSENTIAL OIL EUCALYPTUSAnalgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature.Helps to relieve stress and pain550 0
HERBAL BATH SALT WITH ESSENTIAL OIL ROSEGently tones & improves the elasticity of the skin, cleanses & detoxifies you invigorating your spirits. 550 0
HERBAL BATH SALT WITH ESSENTIAL OIL LEMON GRASSEase stress and improves sleep & concentration.Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps550 0
CLEANSERFor stones,Aura hands and also for Chakra balancing550 0
7 Chakra BraceletYour mind,body & soul are all connected in a beautiful circular manner and having awareness of each chakra can help heal imbalances in one area of the body and bring all of the others back into balance.1550 0
Bodhi 7 Chakra BraceletIt is believed that when the energy flows through all the chakras properly, our physical, mental and emotional bodies can heal and become balanced.1550 0
Parad ShivlingVastu Dosha and Health protector of the entire family2100 0
RudrakshFor overall Protection, Prosperity and Life blockage removalCall for details 0


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