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    Lama means Sadguru, an Enlightened Guru of either Religion

Lama-Fera Master Teacher

This is the 2nd and the final level of Lama-Fera. In this level 2 attunements are given to the students and there should be a minimum 6 hours of gaps in every attunement. After doing this level one will be certified to conduct the Lama-Fera healing workshops as this is a Master Teacher Level.

It is mandatory that person should do 1 year of Lama Fera Master Healer practise to apply for Lama Fera Teacher workshop. Interviews are conducted to qualify for Teacher Level.

This is a full day course and it can be divided into 2 Half day sessions also, as there should be a 6 hours of gap in every attunement.

Topics Covered

  • Meditations
  • Revision of the 1st Level (Only if the 1st level is learnt from us)
  • Eight Powerful Symbols of Lama-Fera
  • 2nd Attunement
  • 3rd Attunement

Lama-Fera Healing course fees structure include:

  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Meals

Eligibility :

1. One year of master level healing practise (100+ cases testimonials of successful clients)
2. Diploma in naturopathy and yoga (Govt certified)
3. Social work / initiative / responsibility from last one year
4. Detail knowledge on Lord Buddha and Buddhism
5. Vipassana (11 days)
6. Seven Days of meditation at Bodhgaya (Bihar)
7. Qualifying the oral Interview at Lama Fera Monastery

Energy exchange :

Rs 2100/- (Two Thousand One hundred only)

Foreigner (Out of India):

60$ (US Dollar)

Workshop duration :

01 day (10:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Chakras :
The Source of Life
What is HEALING &
Who is HEALER?
Corona Virus Cure and
Lama Fera Healing
SOLAR PLEXUS (Manipur Chakra) : Blockage Symptoms & Remedy
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Dr. Satyendra Shukla
Dr. Satyendra Shukla
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