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    Lama Fera is Buddhist healing technique used since 620 B.C.

Lama-Fera Master Healer

After doing the 1st Level of Lama-Fera one can heal the people and places at the distance or direct level and the student will be certified as Lama-Fera Master Healer.
It is advisable to do 21 days of self healing practise of level one before we give distance or direct healing to others.
This is a full day course.

Topics Covered

  • Meditations
  • History of Lama-Fera
  • History of the Originator
  • History of Lord Buddha
  • Details about chakras and Chakra Meditation
  • Eight Powerful Symbols of Lama-Fera
  • 1st Level Attunement
  • Accupressure Therapy
  • Naturopathy Diet Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy

Lama-Fera Healing course fees structure include:

  • Lama-Fera Kits which include
    • A Maroon Rob
    • Burning Stick
    • Sketchu Mala
    • Earth Stick
    • Dorje
  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Meals

Eligibility :
Sincerity, Faith , Commitment & Self Discipline

Energy exchange :
Rs 18,100/- (Eighteen Thousand One Hundred only)

Workshop duration :
01 day (10:00 am - 5:00 pm)

How does LAMA FERA HEALING work? (Part 2)
Chakras :
The Source of Life
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India's first and biggest Lama Fera Monastery @ Pune
India's biggest Lama Fera Healing Centre, Pune