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    Lama Fera is used to increase Pranic energy

Himalayan Kundalini Yoga and Bodhidhyan Workshop

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• ONLINE Training directly by Dr. Satyendra Shukla
• VIP(One to one basis) with bonus follow up session
• Enhance your Spiritual Power through Yoga !!
• **16 times more Powerful than any Yoga**
• Learn: 7 Chakra - Asanas
• 7 Chakra - Pranayam
• 7 Chakra - Mudra
• 7 Chakra - Mantra
• Bodhi Dhyan - Buddhist Meditation

Kundalini yoga - Physical Benefits observed:

BP Balanced, Heart efficiency increases, Lungs proficiency increases, Digestive and Endocrine function normalizes, excretory functions improve, Musculo skeletal flexibility.

Psychological Benefits noticed:

Mood swings improves, Self-wellbeing, Anxiety, Stress and Depression decrease, Anger diminishes, concentration increases, memory sharpens and social skills, learning ability improves.

Biochemical Benefits:

Decrease in glucose, sodium, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, increase in HDL cholesterol, white blood cell count decreases; hematocrit increases, hemoglobin increases, lymphocyte count increases, thyroxin increases, and serum protein increase.

NOTE : Precautions:

Pregnant women, and those are suffering fromulcer, heart problem , BP or any surgeries like spine brain or lungs should not do this Asana.

Avoid practicing during periods if you feel uncomfortable.

Practice Yogasana under expert guidance only.

Donation Amount - Rs.501/- (for first 50 registrations)

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