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    Lama means follower, who follows the philosophy of Buddha

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    Lama Fera is Worlds Most Powerful and Fastest Healing technique

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    Lama Fera is Buddhist healing technique used since 620 B.C.

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    Lama means Sadguru, an Enlightened Guru of either Religion

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    Fera means the technique of Healing

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    Lama Fera is used to remove pressure of thoughts.

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    Lama Fera is used to increase Pranic energy

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    Its symbols have power to treat highest level of negative energies

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    It helps to clear problems in business, property, health

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    Lama-Fera is a way to give healing to people following the Buddhist path

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    It promotes chemical processing of body, muscles, bones, digestion

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Lama-Fera is the union of two words. Both the words have their own identity and importance. Lama means follower, who follows the philosophy of Buddha, making it part of his life from core of his heart.Basically Lama-Fera is Buddhist healing technique which has been used since 620 B.C. It involves calling upon Lord Buddha to come to the healing situation. His healing energy flows through the healer to the person needing healing in Lama-Fera. It has 16 symbols to practice.

"Who is true Guru"...discourse from Gurupornima 09/7/17 @ Pune

Dr. Satyendra Shukla

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Though it's method of treating or healing is quite different from what we practice in Reiki & other healing therapies but, its symbols have abundance power to treat highest level of negative energies. A practitioner can sense vibrations & feel change in his energy levels just after the session of Lama-Fera. It helps to clear negative energy or problems in business, property, health etc. It does not result in any physical problem or adverse reaction. It promotes chemical processing of body, muscles, digestive disorders & give strength & radiant energy.

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What is Lama Fera Healing

Lama Fera is the world's fastest Healing Technique used by Buddhist Monks in ancient times. ‘Lama’ means Sadguru, an Enlightened Guru of either Religion and ‘‘Fera’’ means the technique of Healing.

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Benefits of Lama Fera Healing

  • Freedom from all kind of Stress and Depression
  • Gives freedom from Anxiety and Fear, helps toward off evil spirits and negative energy
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What is Negative Energy

We live in a world of duality where Light and Darkness are two sides of the same coin. Negative energy is the negative use of energies and power by evil minded humans.

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Trainer Profile

He is the founder of LAMA FERA INTERNATIONAL India’s Biggest & first ISO certified Lamafera Healing Research & Training Centre.
He is the Managing Director of Sumeru Infosystem, web based software company since 2006.
He is the author of the book Journey from Signature to Autograph.

He has adopted 17 HIV kids and contributes in their Medical & Educational needs since 5 years, under the name “Sparsh Balgram”.
He has trained and healed 3000+ people across India through Life Transformation Workshop – THE MIRACLES OF HEALING.

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Author of the Book

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Ms. Revati Damodare

Pune, India

Today have completed 90 days of practicing Kundalini Yoga. My life has transformed as below:
1. I am totally energetic n healthy
2. My immune power has increased
3. I am a peaceful person
4. There is a glow, happiness on face
Thank you very much Sir. Thank you divine. Thank you universe.

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Spiritual and Wellness Visionary Awards 2017

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